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Client: ANA Aeroportos
APP | Development | UX & UI |

ANA Airports wanted to stablish a relationship with the passenger, once he is the client of the airlines and doesn’t have a strong relationship with the airport. On a first goal, ANA wanted to increase the passenger’s satisfaction, but also to increase the services sales (parking and lounge, for example) and retail sales at the airport (duty free and brands in general).


The biggest active to create engagement with the passenger was the updated and real-time information about flights. This was the app’s focus, offering an easy and intuitive way of finding departing and arriving flights and subscribing push notifications with any alterations. Having this as a base, new functionalities were added such as highlighted stores and products, useful information, check-in at the several airlines and the parking reservation in a very fast and fluid process and with persistent authentication, making user’s life much easier.

The app was developed natively for iOS and Android, with versions for smartphone and tablet, integrating the contents and advertising management and Sharepoint alerts.

On the first month after the release, the app got 14.000 users, having grown for about 90.000 users in 6 months, surpassing strongly the use of the website by the frequent travellers.


We wanted to promote Portugal with iconic images that characterize each one of the cities were the airport works.

The app was structured in four different information groups and, with this starting point, the navigation was designed using the visual system of the brand, having in mind the four cardinal points that guide the travels: North, South, East, West. With the parallax effect, by navigating the east/west axis, the user will discover more information and more area. At the centre of this navigation is the destination, not the airport.