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Client: Blueticket
eCommerce | UX & UI | Development | Website | Ticketing

Having a digital presence is no longer enough. The quality of the experience is essential to be ahead in this channel. To monitor and understand the behaviour of the consumers, adjusting the digital channels to fit them, will make the service better to the clients and, consequently, increase the opportunities of conversion. The challenge of redesigning the Blueticket website brought the opportunity to improve it, offering new business models, increasing the innovation and improving the quality of the digital service overall.


1. To guarantee a functional navigation structure, providing a good navigation experience. Reinforce the navigation by category of events and privilege the access to the details of the events and their communication.

2. To design a shopping process fitting the online ticket purchase and the needs of the users (shared purchase, social network sharing, etc.).

3. To guarantee a user-friendly solution that allows to make a purchase in an uncomplicated way.

4. To make the cross-selling easier, allowing a fluid experience. To bet in the use of banners of related events for a redundant navigation and the increasing of the online shopping potential.


The homepage highlights the events most searched by the users. The access to the quick purchase of the tickets is at the top, very accessible.

The emotional impact with good images, the simplicity and easiness are the guidelines of the graphic proposal presented. A solution with modular parts, thought to reorganize themselves according to the device where they are presented. A website all thought to involve the user, as if it was a show.