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Client: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
APP | UX & UI | Development | Strategy |

It was urgent for Caixa to offer its clients a safe, usable and complete Mobile Banking, once other commercial banks already had this offer and the consumer was demanding it. The challenge was to conceive an offer that went beyond the competition not only in its functionalities but also in the consumer experience of relationship with the bank.


The app was conceived for iOS, Android and Windows under a concept of customer’s financial life management hub. This way, the app offered a dashboard where the user could immediately have a global vision of its situation, including alerts and messages from his dedicated account manager. The app offered an entire range of financial services, from account and cards management to stock exchange investments.

From the technological point of view, a native development was made for each OS and the biggest challenges were the integration of the core systems and the respect for the strict security rules for a bank application.


We answered the ambitious challenge of designing the interface and a multiplatform homebanking experience. We ensured that the users of each of these platforms were served with a learning experience acquired from the particularity of each operating system. An iOS user has different gestures from a Windows user and we wanted to offer an experience that gave answers to these needs without compromising the identity and general mood of the CGD Mobile Banking, as an app that is unique, distinct and allied of an excellent usability.