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Client: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
UX & UI | APP | Strategy | P2P | Payments

CGD wanted to have a Peer-to-Peer payment offer in the market directed to a young population to stablish a relation with this target. Innovagency helped Caixa in the creation of this offer, since the brand, to the functional definition and all the UX and UI model. The solution to be created had to be very attractive and easy to use, in a very visual language and inspired in social models.


Innovagency created the brand PLIM and designed an app with the purpose of low value payments between friends, without the necessity of using home banking or NIB or IBAN. All you have to have is the other person’s telephone number and interact through the app and ask for money or pay it (up to 20 euros a day without any costs or fees). This central offer of the app was enriched with a mechanics of gamification and integration with social media to increase the rate of use by young university students.


To guarantee an involving and valuable experience between the users of the Caixa Plim app, we designed a process of payments extremely easy combined with the experience we have when we are in an environment of a social app. Relaxed, very visual, photographs in the contacts list, action buttons with big dimensions, very visible and always accessible.

Less taps, more tranfers!