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Client: Ach Brito
eCommerce | Website | Strategy | Magento | Responsive | Retail

From the beginning, in the scented waters, in the sealed soaps, in the Belle Époque papers and in the dusts to “preserve and make beautiful even more beautiful”, Claus Porto has addressed an exquisite and noble community. Nowadays, when the hand painted packages have returned to the shelves and the colognes are packed in Atlantis jars, Francisco Neto classifies the brand in the so-called “luxury lifestyle”, a luxury to be used in the daily life, a lifestyle.


We know that the e-commerce is a competitive business. Having an online store is much more than taking nice photographs and offering the client a good checkout process.

A great and fluid mobile experience is essential for the conversion, as well as a fast checkout, clear politics and good product descriptions.


In the context of this project, we considered a set of must-haves to implement:

  • 1. To be found by the user
  • 2. To bet on the quality of the presentation of the product
  • 3. To adopt a story-telling model
  • 4. To integrate and explore a social dimension
  • 5. To guarantee a great fluidity in the checkout process
  • 6. To integrate automation and customization mechanisms
  • 7. To explore mobile context as a particular usecase
  • 8. The use of testimonies that give credibility to the brand
  • 9. To relate products, through suggestions, complementary or related products, to broaden the relation between the client and the Brand and increase sales.
  • 10. To create contact capture points (newsletters, offers ideas, etc.) that allow Claus Porto to establish contacts with a wide base of potential clients.

If in the physical stores the multiplicity of fragrances sets off all the senses, on the online store the recreation of this environment is simulated through colours and images that involve the user and take him to this luxury environment. Claus Porto is, without a doubt, an example to be followed, as a centenarian brand that is capable of keeping being relevant and modern.

“The “it” in luxury is not a handbag or a watch, but innovative digital strategies” Scott Galloway