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Client: Delta
eCommerce | Website | UX & UI |

Delta’s major goal was to increase sales on the online channel, desktop and mobile, essentially in the purchases of coffee capsules. Innovagency was responsible for the concept, contents and definition of the store and of the UX and UI of the new Delta Q store.


The first theme was finding the concept for the store. After working together with our partner Winicio we found the Qasa Delta concept, to bring friends home to enjoy a good coffee. This was the starting point for the site in creative, communication and functional terms. The store should present products in a catalogue (capsules, machines and accessories) in an appealing and interactive way, leading then to a simple and fast checkout.

In a second fase, we included the ability for the client to “create” his own coffee, combining different blends and even customizing the package.


Here we are among friends, in a warming environment in a way and functional in another. An environment that invites to know the Delta Q offer in a relaxed way. The challenge of the Delta Q online store was in the architecture of information, since we were in an online store and had simultaneously more institutional and practical information to give to the users. We chose a model that has two axes of navigation, with a menu of the products of the store inspired on the colours of the Delta Q coffee capsules. There is a visual identity which extends from the physical universe to the digital.