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Client: European Maritime Safety Agency
APP | Development | UX & UI | International

To put information about maritime traffic on authorities’ and official entities hands when they are on the field was the biggest challenge of this project. Subjects as the User Experience/User Interface on smartphone as well as the selection of the right information for the use context were essential. On the other hand, real technological challenges were found as real-time caching aspects, the input of information by the user, zooming and clusters, authentication and security, information georeferenced on the Cloud and system integration.

The project was divided in three phases: prototyping, base functionalities and advanced functionalities.


Technologically the solution was the development of native applications upon iOS and Android to guarantee a fluid and simple UX and UI specially in small screens. The integration of distinct types of maps and information layers was the main frontend challenge, as in the backend the challenge was the integration with the services to obtain information in real time.

The management of georeferenced information and multimedia input made by users was integrated using CartoDB.


The UX and UI used aims for simplicity and fluidity, betting on an exploration and use around a ship in each moment. This way, activating the ship that you want to explore, you can easily have access to complementary information and services. We must also highlight the solution for the search and for the toggle of the different layers on the maps. Yet to mention, the detail of the visual clustering solution for very low zoom levels.