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Client: European Maritime Safety Agency
Development | UX & UI | International

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) aimed to build a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) platform to support the integration of its different maritime information services who constitute and contribute to the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem.

EMSA provides maritime information services to over 3.000 users from various authorities in all European Union Member States which have an interest in the maritime awareness domain. Its activities were evolving towards providing an integrated maritime awareness picture with an integration strategy aiming to streamline the efforts of systems development, operation and maintenance, by setting-up a common ICT service oriented architecture, standardised interfaces, re-use of existing modules for different services, and by harmonising the monitoring and operational procedures.

The scope of the integration approach was to set-up a flexible ICT platform easily scalable and configurable for facing the future increased diversity of the maritime information services requested by the European Union Institutions and Member States, that should also allow a better correlation and fusing of available data and the development of value added information by the implementation of automatic data analyses and alerting algorithms.


Innovagency - partnering with GMV for backend developments – was responsible for the design and implementation of the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem common Graphical User Interface (SEG). The scope of the project also comprised corrective maintenance, enhancements and new developments, ensuring the optimization and evolution of the solution.

Considering all the business requirements, such as the amount of available features and functionalities, coupled with the fact that users will interact with this interface through different devices, Innovagency approach to the project has considered the graphical user interface as one of the biggest challenges.


Also, this platform was to be used intensively by a high number of users with different digital maturity, different digital culture and in different contexts of use. To address these challenging requirements Innovagency considered the best practices for UX and UI and followed the generalized standards of interaction with maps, in order to create a simple, easy-to-use and comfortable interface, also ensuring a constant feedback to avoid frustration and to make users confident and secure while using the platform.

The main principles that guided the design of the user experience were efficiency, legibility, simplicity, consistency, scalability, clarity, aesthetics, ease of use and alignment with EMSA identity.


Last, but not least, we want to thank our team as well as everyone that made this project a success! Thank you!