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Client: Associação Nacional das Farmácias
APP | eCommerce | Website | Development | Magento | Xamarin

To set a strategy of digital engagement, loyalty and electronic commerce for the Farmácias Portuguesas business was a very specific challenge. The relationship with the Pharmacy and its client if very direct, based in a local and frequent relationship. It also deals with the factor of wanting that each of the about 2000 associated pharmacies keeps its business independence and a price competition isn’t promoted.


The creation of a platform of eCommerce and commitment, delivered to the consumer in the form of an app and a responsive web site, materialize the offer of customized services and contents. The consumer chooses the pharmacy with which he wants to have a relationship and it is in the platform that he manages his purchases, his points and campaigns, his health information (integrating with the readings in the pharmacy) and inclusively his medication intake plan.

All these services and information are totally integrated and updated with the Associação Nacional de Farmácias (ANF) systems.


Technologically the solution is based in the combination of different technologies. For the eCommerce core, we chose to adopt Magento with several PHP extension and an integration with Wordpress for the management and publication of contents. The mobile apps were developed in the cross-platform development tool Xamarin for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Finally, several integrations with central systems and auxiliary management backoffices were developed using the .NET technology.