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Client: FNAC
eCommerce | Development | UX & UI | Website | Ticketing

The challenge was to design and develop the online ticket sales platform for FNAC. When we analysed some of their competition and international players, we quickly realised that it was essential to guarantee a functional navigation, to bet on an attractive and interactive design of events and to make it easier to search for a specific event through filters and an advanced search tool.

To outline a digital strategy, we think it is important to have always in mind the four key-elements to be considered when the subject is the online ticket sales: mobility, local context (most of the times the client wants to buy events nearby), price and social network buzz.


These two featues are crucial when we want our user to have a seamless online shopping experience. A bet on the use of quick links and related events will certainly increase the sales potential. In the checkout process we wanted to guarantee an optimised pipeline design for ticket sales that would enable a purchase as simple and intuitive as possible.


A responsive site with some features that bring advantages to the user and the business:

  • To activate the insurance – allowing the users to add insurances available to their ticket shopping
  • Differentiation from the other players in the market
  • Crossed sales with other products (Packs: ticket + DVD)
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of products
  • Tool to generate microsites for special events
  • SEO optimizing, up-selling and cross-selling and gains to the promoters
  • Export and save events directly in the calendar
  • Better client service
  • Fast shopping – buy tickets without a shopping cart (seats automatically assigned)
  • Easier shopping process