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Client: Cofina – Jornal de Negócios
UX & UI | Website | Strategy | Content Strategy

Cofina and Innovagency have worked together in several initiatives for the challenges of the digital through the years. The media have been confronted with challenges in their business model, namely the monetization of their contents and the new digital competition, Search UGC and Social media.

The Jornal de Negócios is the more relevant daily economic publication in Portugal and it has kept the loyalty of its readers for its quality.

After being responsible for the previous concept and UX and UI model of the Jornal, Innovagency was challenged for this evolution having in consideration the evolutions and tendencies of the media consumption, namely the importance of the Mobile and of the rich contents.


Before entering the UX and UI challenge it was necessary to revise the contents and services offer and to rethink their relevance for the consumer. This was the starting point for designing the structure of the pages, using building-blocks and wireframing. With the structure of the pages, quite complete and rich, the UX and UI model was then explored both for the Web Site as for the Smartphone and Tablet Apps.

Beyond these challenges, Innovagency was responsible for conducting an evaluation of the main press titles of Cofina in the digital, with special highlight in their behaviour, offer and mobile usability, and we were also responsible for helping Cofina to improve their strategy and SEO-guided practices.