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Client: Vodafone
APP | UX & UI | Development |

Vodafone wanted to have an offer to its clients with the daily information of the newspapers covers, offering a useful service where it could gain notoriety and place publicity. This solution would have to stand out from the other offers in the market and gain its market share in a daily consumption activity.


Innovagency was inspired exactly in the visual format of the traditional newsstand to present the covers and provide a fluid and intuitive interactivity. The user can easily find his cover visually with a simple swipe and then zoom it into a high-resolution image. He can also subscribe push notifications to be notified when new publications are released and create a list of favourite publications. The social network share is also available.

More recently, with the purpose of making the app useful more than once a day, news feeds were introduced. They are also promoted with push notifications when there is a news that stands out.

The apps were developed natively for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, both for smartphone and tablet.