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Client: EDP
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EDP wanted to offer the global society an instrument to promote the discussion around the carbon emission goals for 2050 (commitment of the European Union). They wanted a multidevice solution that could be characterized by the simplicity of use and perception, in opposition to the complexity of the subject. The solution should promote the sharing and unveiling of the production models and energy consumption created by the user on social networks.


Innovagency conceived a site and an app native for iOS and Android that materialized a concept of a game-challenge to achieve the carbon emissions purposes. From the UX and UI point of view, we adopted a type of handles for each factor of energetic modelling, visibly integrated in the identity universe of the EDP brand. All the visual and interactive inspiration came from the wealth of the brand.

Technologically, both the site as the apps needed a complex calculation engine to, from about 25 input factors, project the carbon emissions. The solution was to integrate an Excel calculation engine on the server-side that was consumed for input and output by the web and mobile applications.