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Client: ANA Aeroportos
Intranet | Development | UX & UI | Strategy | Sharepoint

Having previously invested in intranets without success, in this project ANA ambitioned to achieve an adoption of a platform of communication, collaboration and services for their vast and diversified universe of collaborators. The challenge consisted in guaranteeing that this digital offer was relevant and accessible for the collaborators in their daily trips.


Innovagency worked with ANA in the definition of the architecture of contents and functionalities, trying to guarantee some critical success factors:

  • Unique functional and exclusive offers from this platform
  • Accessibility in any device, since there are lots of collaborators without a workstation
  • Motivations for the involvement and participation of the collaborators in the Intranet dynamic.
  • Access by collaborators of ANA’s partners (external)

The architecture adopted was object of deep structuring, respecting a principle of simplicity and few levels of depth.

The adoption of the Sharepoint with the Active Directory authentication allowed a single-sign-on for all collaborators. A specific access for external collaborators has been created, using an Outsystems integration for application privileges.

The creation of a mobile version to guarantee a better experience in smartphones was also the key for the success of this project.


The quality of the research of the Sharepoint complemented the navigation structure making it easier to find contents, functionalities or even people and user-generated content. This research has become the centre of any research within the organization since, in addition to the Sharepoint contents, it had integration with the SAP and with the platform of document management to guarantee a 360o research in ANA.


The ANA brand has a tremendous wealth in its identity. The Intranet created combined, in an excellent way, the brand, its colours, iconography, styles and Sharepoint platform in a very harmonious customization. The result was a very usable, appealing and clean user interface, giving priority to contents and functionalities, but keeping a strong brand identity and respecting the good UX Sharepoint practices.