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Client: Redunicre
Website | UX & UI | Development | Strategy | Responsive | Payments

Redunicre is the leader of the business of payments in Portugal, offering payment solutions in-store and online. Having an important share of the market and presence in different business sectors, from retail commerce to hotels and eCommerce, Redunicre was looking for a more understandable way of presenting their online offer and promoting their competitive advantages. The big challenges of this project were not only the UX and UI but also the communication and contents that should assume a new tone and way of relating with the different segments of the markets. Redunicre had to change its approach from product-centric to customer-centric.


Innovagency started by doing an identification of the targets to reach with the communication and from there we structured the architecture of the site in a customer-centric model. We chose to create a site with a very simple architecture and long pages, strongly based in big images and short text, betting more in the iconography and small infographics as a way to explain the offer.

Technologically we adopted the CMS Kentico platform that guaranteed a very easy management of the site and contents.